About Us

We Love To Sew...!

...The Sewing Sessions has been created so we can give you the ability and skills needed to make all the things you dream of making. Based in Leeds, The Sewing Sessions are sewing classes and sewing workshops aimed at all abilities. We created the Sewing Sessions after a lot of friends, who became interested in Sewing, asked us teach them and give support in their transformation to becoming wonderful seamstresses… and so The Sewing Sessions was born! The Sewing Sessions are a mother and daughter team who share a passion for design and creativity… Pauline (a qualified dressmaker and teacher) made all her own clothes as a teenager and was finally persuaded to make a wedding dress for a friend at the age of 16... That was the start!

About Us
"It's the thrill of making that special item for someone and seeing their obvious delight when a garment fits their personality and figure and even better teaching sewing and seeing someones delight that they have learnt how to sew themselves. It still gives me the same buzz as that first wedding dress I made when I was 16."

Jessica was not always as impressed by her Mum's talents as she should have been. Having clothes made for her was the norm and dreamt of shopping in a real shop like other girls. However, she soon came round. After studying for Art & Design and realising that she could learn to make her own clothes through sewing lessons with Mum she caught the sewing bug!

"After learning to sew from the best sewing teacher I had so many friends who wanted to go on dressmaking courses in Leeds but couldn’t find the right one and The Sewing Sessions was born." Join us and you will never be able to walk past a fabric shop without popping in and your heart skipping a beat! You will soon be sewing and stitching you way to happiness.