Beginners Sewing

Beginners dates

  • The Paper Haven
  • Sunday 19th May
  • Sunday 21st July

What to expect...

10am to 4pm - The Paper Haven Farsley - £49

The Beginners Sewing Course is the best session for complete beginners. You will learn a range of sewing techniques to build your confidence and help get you started. Throughout the day you will sew a small bag which encompasses the techniques you need to get you started. You will also be given handouts with detailed step by step instructions so after the course you will be able to refer back to them. You will pick up tips and tricks to make sewing both enjoyable and easy! All the materials you need will be provided and each step of the session will come with a handout which explains the techniques easily in a step-by-step, so you can refer back to it when practicing on your own.

You will Learn...

Beginners Sewing Session Images
  • The Very Beginning
  • Introduction to the sewing basics. Your machine, threading, stitches etc. Not getting in a tangle. How to press and the importance of pressing. Which type of needle to use in your machine and why.

  • Sewing Curves
  • Learn how to sew curves to get a professional finish. Internal & external curves. Clipping and notching curves, how and why. How to turn and press a curve.

  • Fabric Purchasing tips
  • Get to know different fabrics, how they feel, what they look like, when to use them and how to use them.

  • Seam Finishes
  • Make your garment look neat and tidy with professional seam finishes. French Seam, ZigZag Seam and a Flat Fell Seam.

  • Bias
  • What is a bias? Why use Bias. Learn a bias finish for neck holes and arm holes to give a professional finish.

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The Course is £49 for the day (10:00am - 4:00pm). Paypal is our preferred method of payment. If you don't have an account there is an option via paypal to pay by credit/debit card.

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Beginners Sewing Session

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