Lampshade Making

Lampshade Making Dates...

  • Sunday 13th May

What to expect...

2pm to 4pm - The Paper Haven Farsley - £35

We will spend the afternoon learning to make a lampshade. It's the greatest way to add your own style and personality to your home.

During the workshop you will learn to make a beautiful 25cm drum style lampshade which can be used as a pendant (ceiling), or with a suitable table lamp. Everything is provided for the workshop except the fabric, which you will bring along to the session.

Once you've learnt the technique you will be making a lampshade for every room.

Lingerie Course

You will Learn...

  • Making a Lampshade
  • Cutting Fabric
  • Using Specialised Tools

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The Course is £35 for the afternoon (2pm - 4pm). Paypal is our preferred method of payment.

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Lamphade Making Session

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