Zips & Fastenings Session

Zips & Fastenings Dates

  • Sunday 17th Auguat

What to expect...

10am to 4pm - B&M Fabrics Shop - Leeds - £49

The Zips & Fastenings Course moves your skills up to the next level. You will learn a range of sewing techniques which are easily transferable when embarking on more complex patterns.

We will start the day making a zipped lined purse which shows you one type of zip, then we will move on to a concealed zip, skirt zip which is the zip you will generally see in sewing patterns, along with an open ended zip which you use in jackets and coats. In the afternoon we will tackle the buttons! You will learn how your sewing machine sews buttonholes and also learn to insert elastic.

This is the perfect 2nd course to do after the Beginners Session or if you have sewn before and just avoid patterns with any kind of complicated zip or fastening. You need to be able to sew a simple straight stitch and want to master the next techniques you avoid if choosing a pattern/garment to make. Throughout the day you will stitch in the form of samples which you can keep, so after the course you will be able to refer back to them. You will also be given handouts with detailed step by step instructions to keep with your samples.

Zips and Fastenings

You will Learn...

Zips and Fastenings
  • Attaching a zip foot to your machine
  • Inserting a skirt style zip into a garment
  • Inserting an open ended zip, type used on a jacket
  • Learn the technique for a semi-concealed zip
  • Invisable Zip with a special foot
  • Where to use different types of zips and why you use them for which style of your garment
  • Sew a button hole on your machine
  • Covered Button
  • Insert elastic using the casing technique
  • When to use an elastic waist or a zipped waist

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The Course is £49 for the day (10:00am - 4:00pm). Paypal is our preferred method of payment. We also accept cheques, please send to

44 Newbury Rd Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 5EX

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Zips & Fastenings

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