Stretch Top Session

Stretch Top Dates

  • Saturday 20th February

What to expect...

Stretch Fabrics are so fashionable and easy to wear but can be scary stitch! The Stretch Fabrics Course teaches you to work with these with confidence.

You will spend the day making a Top from stretch fabric which will incorporate all the techniques you will need to work with stretch and knitted fabrics in the future. From which needles to which stitches to use you will learn to work with stretch fabrics whilst keeping a professional and functional finish.

You need to be confident working with non-stretch fabrics and using a sewing machine. You will go home with a top which is handmade by you, and fits perfectly. You also get to keep your own pattern and hand-outs which detail everything you have learnt, so you after the course you will be able to refer back to them and make more!

You will need to bring 2.2 metres of a stretch fabric - Ponte Roma, Jersey or T-Shirting fabric would be perfect.

Stretch Top Course

You will Learn...

  • How to recognise the grainline
  • How to handle stretch fabric
  • Cutting out stretch fabric Tips
  • Which needles to use
  • Different stitches and why to use them
  • Finishing edges
  • Tricks with knits – hints and tips

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The Course is £49 for the day (10:00am - 4:00pm). Paypal is our preferred method of payment. We also accept postal cheques, please send to

44 Newbury Rd Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 5EX

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Stretch Top Session

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