Read what our students have to say about the sewing session courses...

"Thanks sewing sessions..."

"Thanks Sewing Sessions! I had such a fab time!... When I got home I made a cushion all on my own! I am so proud. Not perfect, but I made it all myself. I just cannot thank you enough for the cushions course it was great. Now I just have to decide which course to do next."

"It really gave me the confidence to start sewing on my own"

"I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the course content was really good and it really gave me the confidence to begin sewing on my own. Pauline and Jessica are so helpful and it is obvious that they love what they do as that came across in the lesson. I have learned so many new little skills and love my new folder with all my information in - i feel like I have to add to it now."

"The relaxed way they teach is perfect..."

"I was unsure what course to pick and so I emailed Jessica who explained that the Intermediate Session would be the best as although I have made a couple of things before, I am stumped if a pattern says it has a button on or even worse, a zip. I went along with my own machine (a great idea to let people to learn on their own machine) and learned actual skills. I didn't think it would be possible to learn all these things in one day but the folder really made me remember what I had learned. They didn't mind being bombarded with questions, and the relaxed way they teach is perfect."

"I am completley addicted..."

"The best thing about The Sewing Sessions is that they are there for you when the course is over. I have needed extra support with a dress i am making and Pauline has helped me no end. I went along to the Support Sessions too and have really enjoyed them, I always feel like the time goes too fast though, that must mean I am completely addicted."

"I loved it!"

"I got my course as a present on a gift card from a friend who had already been on the beginners course. I loved it! Definitely a good present, I had a great day and learned lots. Then I went to the Support Session too and didn't realise how much I had learned. I will be coming back."

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