Tunic with Zip

Tunic with Zip Dates...

  • Saturday 15th March 2014 - FULLY BOOKED
  • Sunday 6th April 2014 - FULLY BOOKED

What to expect...

Day Session from 9:30am to 4.30pm

You will spend the day making a Tunic style top with a zip and sleeves in your chosen size, following a pattern from cutting out to making the dress.

You will finish seams and edges in a professional way, and also learn to add the dreaded zip and inserting a sleeve. This is a great class to take the first step in making your own clothes, or clothes for lucky people you know. You will need to know how to straight stitch, and if you have been on our Beginners or Shift Dress Sewing Class this is a great class to follow up with. Each step of techniques you learn will be detailed in a step by step handout for you to refer back to when you make another top another day.

We provide the pattern in your size and basic, plain poly-cotton fabric. If you want to bring your own choice of fabric for your dress then please bring along 3 metres of Poly-Cotton or Cotton and thread to match. Bring your own sewing machine, if you have one. If you need to borrow a machine just contact us and we will reserve one for you. You will be able to walk out of the class with a stunning Tunic top to be proud of... handmade by you!

Lingerie Course

You will Learn...

  • Reading a Pattern
  • Understanding Pattern Markings
  • Cutting out
  • Inserting a zip
  • Seam finishes
  • Hem
  • Inserting a sleeve

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The Course is £49 for the day (09:00am - 4:30pm). Paypal is our preferred method of payment. We also accept postal cheques, please send to

44 Newbury Rd Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 5EX

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